WLOE e-news: the Gulf Coast disaster; mobilizing for Washington DC actions; women and the bomb; on global debt

12 September 2005

This summer’s events have proven the urgent need to change priorities: from military spending and destructive illegal wars to fulfilling people’s most basic needs without destroying planet earth. It’s the only one we have. We not only believe that women can – and must – play a crucial role in the changes needed, they are!

We feature women’s voices on the disaster that did not have to happen:

and a listing of ways to help victims – and support local community groups:
The people of New Orleans need our help

Finally, we urge support for the major peace actions to stop the war on Iraq: See
Cindy Sheehan: taking a stand:
Thousands came to take a stand with Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey near Bush's ranch. The peace camp closed on August 31, now she and others are organizing for the September 24-26 March on Washington, DC: see

On the 60th anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb on civilians groups around the world called for an end the nuclear arms race that continues to threaten people and the planet. See our reports:
Hiroshima, Nagasaki: never again!
http://www.womenandlife.org/WLOE-en/information/peace/hiroshimanagasaki.html and
women and the bomb

Also on the international front, see our most recent items on global debt at:
“Africa is not poor, it was made poor.”

See also 2004 Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai: "Africans Can Do it for Ourselves"

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