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Gold Star Families for Peace

Cindy Sheehan: one mother's stand
"The president says he feels compassion for me, but the best way to show that compassion is by meeting with me and the other mothers and families who are here. Our sons made the ultimate sacrifice and we want answers. All we're asking is that he sacrifice an hour out of his five-week vacation to talk to us, before the next mother loses her son in Iraq.."

-- Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas, August 2005

March 6, 2006

As part of the International Women's Day presentation of 100,000+ signatures to the "Women Say NO to War" internet petition, Cindy Sheehan, Iraqi Delegates and members of Code Pink held a press conference outside the U.S. mission to the United Nations. Cindy and others were later 'man-handled' and arrested by police as they attempted to deliver the petition. See reports and photos here.

Cindy's personal report: What Really Happened, Pt. 2: NYC Style Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Lets go Gandhi March 7th: message from Cindy's sister Dede Miller, at the Gold Star Families for Peace website:
..."What will it take for the majority of you who don’t support the occupation of Iraq or the Bush regime to rise up? ..

Cindy Sheehan Interview
by David Barsamian
Progressive Magazine, March 2006

" I will never, ever forget the night of April 4, 2004, when I found out my son Casey had been killed in Iraq,” Cindy Sheehan recalls. “I will also never forget the day when we buried my sweet boy, my oldest son. If I live to be a very old lady and forget everything else, I will never forget when the general handed me the folded flag that had lain on his coffin, as his brother and sisters, standing behind me, sobbed.”

The first thing that strikes you about Cindy Sheehan is she is genuine. There is no artifice, power play, or lexical wizardry. She is without affectation. And that has enabled her to make an impact. She has reached beyond intellectual formulations to get to the heart of the matter..."


To the Family of Tom Fox and to the Christian Peacemaker Teams
by Cindy Sheehan, March 12, 2006, CommonDreams.org
"My heart is breaking for Mr. Fox's family and for the world. This is a dark day for peace and justice...
It is time for we peacekmakers and peace activists from around the world to join our hands and our voices together to demand an end to the violence and killing..."

There Are Criminals, and Then There Are CRIMINALS
Friday, March 10, 2006 By Cindy Sheehan

"As I lie here in bed recuperating from the injuries that I received from a federal agent and the NYPD in front of the US Mission to the UN (USUN) the other day, I have had time to reflect on the experience, the state of our union and its descent into a fascist state...

One of our so-called crimes in front of USUN was "Obstructing Governmental Administration." I say "Hell, yes! Anyone with a conscience or any moral courage should be doing everything in his/her power to obstruct the administration of the Bush government. Only massive, peaceful, non-violent resistance to his calamitous policies will be able to stem the dreadful tide! ..."

A Common Cause by Cindy Sheehan and Sam Bostaph
March 3, 2006, www.zmag.org

..."Cindy and Sam are "we" in this struggle against the fascist, warlike society that America has become—particularly under the Bush regime—and "we" want a lot of company.

Whatever your political identification, please join us at Easter for a protest at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, from the 10th of April to the 16th. There, "we" will be joined by Katrina evacuees who are still unbelievably and unconscionably ensconced in the Astrodome and who will be invited to stay on our leased land next to the Secret Service check point of the Bush faux-ranch on Prairie Chapel Road until their homes are rebuilt in the Gulf States and they can return..."

Camp Casey and Germany
By Cindy Sheehan
February 26, 2006 , http://www.commondreams.org/views
"I have been invited to speak to the European Union Parliament in March in Strasbourg. My message will be one of peace and non-violent unity against the out of control murderous and disastrous policies of the Bush Administration. I wrote extensively about meeting with other world leaders in my article,
"Friends don't let Friends Commit War Crimes..."

Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes By Cindy Sheehan
t r u t h o u t | Perspective Monday 02 January 2006


Comfort Zones By Cindy Sheehan
t r u t h o u t | Perspective Monday 12 December 2005
" Today was bitterly cold as I walked from the Charing Cross Tube Station to Parliament Square in London. I was heading there with my traveling companion, Julie, to go and visit Brian Haw after several exhausting but productive days in England and Scotland.
Brian is a peace activist and an exceptionally compassionate man who has been camping out and vigiling in Parliament Square since June 2, 2001. He was so enraged by the sanctions of the United Nations against Iraq that were supported by the US and his government that he felt it was the only thing to do.::"

'Peace Mom' Sheehan in New Play by Nobel Winner
Reuters Sunday 11 December 2005 London -
"U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan, who won wide attention with a vigil outside President George W. Bush's ranch in the name of her soldier son killed in Iraq, is the subject of a new play by Nobel laureate Dario Fo. "Peace Mom" received its world premiere in London on Saturday night, starring British actress Frances de la Tour, with both Sheehan and Italian dramatist Fo in the audience.
The one-woman show is based on extracts from Sheehan's letters to Bush and other writings. De la Tour delivered the monologues beneath large pictures of Sheehan's son Casey and a tank in the Iraqi desert in front of a plume of fire..."

Iraqi Mother's Open letter to Cindy Sheehan:
..."Being a mother myself I have been following your campaign to pull out the US armed forces from Iraq. Having lost my son, as yourself, on the same battle-field, IRAQ, but on opposite sides, I felt both compassion and relief to have an ally on the other side..."
17 November 2005

There Is No 'Noble Cause' For War

By Cindy Sheehan, TruthOut.org. September 20, 2005.
"...Does he have any idea that the constitution that the Iraqi governing body is working on is based on Sharia and that it undermines the freedoms of women? Does he realize that for over 50 years women had equal rights with men in Iraq? Does George realize (of course he does) that the puppet government the US put in place in Iraq is comprised of the very same people who encouraged the invasion to line their own pockets? What kind of freedom and democracy is this? ..."

Statement by Cindy Sheehan:

"This is George Bush’s accountability moment. That’s why I’m here. The mainstream media aren’t holding him accountable. Neither is Congress. So I’m not leaving Crawford until he’s held accountable..."

Protest on the Range: Cindy Sheehan Calls for Mass Demos at Bush's Crawford Ranch
August 12, Democracy Now interview with Cindy Sheehan

Interview with Cindy Sheehan
"Casey Sheehan re-enlisted with the Army in August of 2003, knowing that his unit would eventually be deployed in Iraq. Casey, a Humvee mechanic with the 1st Calvary, was killed in Sadr City on April 4th of this year. He was only 24 years old. He is and forever will remain an American hero.

Casey’s mom, Cindy Sheehan, is a hero too. Angered that her son was sent to fight and die in an unjust war for reasons that have proven to be lies, Cindy is speaking out about the Iraq invasion. Cindy has joined other moms and families who have lost loved ones in the conflict to tell Americans about the true costs of the war. Their group, Real Voices (http://realvoices.org/rv/index.html), is running television ads featuring the voices of Americans like Cindy speaking directly to President Bush about the impact of his failed policies and lies..."

The Importance of Cindy Sheehan's Vigil: Elayne Clift writes for WLOE

Where Are The Black Cindy Sheehans? By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, AlterNet.
Posted August 22, 2005.
..."Despite the risks of being killed on the battlefront, the staggeringly high levels of unemployment for young black males, poor education, and continued fringe job discrimination make the army's relentless "be all you can be" pitch irresistible to many poor, young blacks. They see the army as their one, maybe only, chance to learn skills, get a quality education, receive top medical care, or earn a pension, among other benefits..."

Camp Casey, PTA
By Amanda Marcotte , AlterNet .
Posted August 22, 2005 .
"Cindy Sheehan's rapidly-growing contingent of moms in floppy hats and comfortable shoes throws the cowardice of the opposition into sharp relief. ...In fact, contrary to the claims of conservative pundits and bloggers that this is simply a bunch of unreformed hippies pulling a stunt and yearning for the '60s, most people I talked to said that they'd never done anything like this before, that they'd never been to a single protest and didn't really like politics outside of the bare minimum of civic duty -- reading the paper and voting. I heard the story repeatedly -- didn't like the war, didn't ever do much about it, heard about Cindy's stand and decided they needed to help. People were tired, but they were joyful and it was hard to find room to be cynical in the face of so much good-humored but stubborn determination to smoke President Bush out of his hidey-hole to answer Cindy's questions.... "

Arianna Huffington: It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan
"The right wing attacks on Cindy Sheehan -- desperate, pathetic, and grasping at straws -- expose much less about their target than about the attackers..."

Crawford Updates: blog reports from the peace camp in Crawford

"Our mission is to persuade President Bush to meet with Cindy Sheehan and answer her questions about why the war that took her son's life was started and why it is being continued..."

The Crawford Peace House
" We are mobilizing support for Cindy Sheehan's action in Crawford Texas. Come to Crawford! Join Cindy and thousands of others who have come to show their support for her and the other military families who stand with her..."

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