WLOE E-Newsletters 2006:

6 August 2006
the war in Lebanon and Gaza; Iraq: Troops Home Fast! from Iraq; Hiroshima-Nagasaki Anniversary

15-16 January 2006
women on the move: for peace and a better future; celebrating Dr. King's birthday

Archive 2005

19 November 2005
25th Anniversary Women's Pentagon Action; PeaceWomen in print; French women appeal; news

12 September 2005
on the Gulf Coast disaster; mobilizing for Washington DC actions; women and the bomb; on global debt

5 August 2005
60th Anniversary Hiroshima-Nagasaki

21 July 2005
peace and freedom, preparing for 60th anniversary of the first use of nuclear weapons on civilians, women and globalization, health notes
8 March 2005
International Women's Day Special

Archive 2004

  • 8 November 2004
    USA: post-election round-up

  • 31 October 2004
    Voting in the USA; Iraq - counting and naming the dead; Bioneers meet; Nuclear Report from Europe
  • 30 April 2004
    Women in war zones - Iraq, Rwanda, Israel; Asia Pacific women on World Bank land policy; Chernobyl legacies; marching and voting for peace - USA
  • 31 March 2004
    Voices of Women in March: on 'Bravo' at Bikini; March 8 - Why go on Strike?; Remembering Rachel Corrie; 600th vigil for Korean 'comfort women'; 20 March demonstrations; World Water Day; 25 years since the Three Mile Island accident; women break Iraq war planning-scheming silence.
  • 8 March 2004
    International Women's Day Special

  • 14 February 2004
    What’s new from Women and Life on Earth; Peace News (Somalia; England; Japan); Ecological "Late Lessons"; Immigrant Workers' Freedom Ride; Women and the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement; The Afghan Women's Bill of Rights; Democracy and Women’s Rights in Iraq; Arundhati Roy in Mumbai - and more resources!

    Archive 2003

  • 12 December 2003
    The meaning of Miami; Alert; Reports from Jerusalem and Hebron; from Afghan women on International Human Rights Day; Dangerous Diets
  • 11 November 2003
    FTAA – and opponents -- coming soon to Miami; Iraqi women tour US; Stop the Wall;
    loss of legal and human rights reported
  • 20 October 2003
    Women in Bolivia; An International Call for Justice in Mexico;
    "The Threat to Black Families"; Granny D on the road again
  • 26 September 2003
    Women and War; Cancun reviewed; Naomi Klein on Globalization
  • 05 September 2003
    Cancun; Women on Globalization; Naomi Klein on the WOT;
    Granny D on the politics of love and the politics of fear – and neoliberalism

  • 26 August 2003
    Cancun and USA
  • 20 August 2003
    Korea; USA -- Democracy
    under attack; Women and Globalization ;
    Black-Outs, Heat, Fire -- and a saneenergy policy?
  • 12 August 2003
    Remembering Hiroshima-Nagasaki; Women in Liberia;
    Free Daw Aung San Suu Kyi;Hunger; Why go on Strike? and more…
  • 02 July 2003
    Reports from Iraq; USA: Bush plays the racial profiling card;
    GATS and health, and GATS basics; Alternatives to corporate globalization: from Gobal to Local.
  • 22 May 2003
    Reports of women’s voices and actions for peace, ecological and global justice: Women Stop GATS;
    International conference in Cologne; Code Pink on Mother’s Day actions;
    Bush's Harvest of Shame: one Million Black Children in Extreme Poverty;
    Starhawk’s report on Passover in Palestine; Arundhati Roy’s speech in NYC
  • 16 April 2003
    ”…when silence is betrayal.”
  • 10 April 2003
    Uniting for Peace, Dangers of Depleted Uranium, Guns vs Butter in the USA – and Tax Resistance

  • 14 March 2003
    Report on a trip to the USA, 14-28 March 2003
  • 04 March 2003
    International Women's Day; DAWN's call to resist the war against Iraq;
    Articles on the Bush & co. war plans
  • 06 February 2003
    Message from Starhawk; Upcoming Anti-War Events; News from Baghdad;
    Congresswoman Lee clarifies internet petition; Arundhati Roy on Empire;
    Women and Life on Earth Archive Dedication -- an invitation
  • 30 January 2003
    Globalization; Don't attack Iraq!; Women's action
  • 17 January 2003
    News about US protests for peace; Sources of information,
    International Opposition to the war and more

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