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Ecological feminism

Wild Politics

Susan Hawthorne

Spinifex Press, Australia 2003
ISBN 1-876756241 pb

One of the many gifts of Susan Hawthorne's Wild Politics is the unrelenting analysis and illustration of ways neocolonialism is promoted under the banner of Western liberalism and economic globalisation. Bringing together research and auguments from hundreds of sources and taking up the work of feminists, ecologists, and indigenous peoples, she challenges globalization and argues for biodiverse sustainability. – Sarah Lucia Hoagland, The Women's Review of Books.

"This is the book I wish I had written myself." - Our Paper

"Susan Hawthorne’s book is a major contribution, on several levels, to the definition of what we are fighting for" – The Paper

"Wild Politics is a great metaphor, signalling the need for change from western culture's false colonist universalism to life-oriented systems of connection, richness, texture, depth and meaning. Susan Hawthorne has written an inspiring book, drawing on feminist and indigenous knowledge to critique global capitalist practice and create a vision of a regenerative world sustaining the environment and all its people"– Prue Hyman

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