women and life on earth bookshelf

Ecological feminism

Living on the Earth: women's voices, activism and ecofeminism

Feminism is for Everybody
Passionate Politics
Bell Hooks

South End Press, October 2000, Pages: 123
ISBN: 0896086283

Wild Politics
Susan Hawthorne

Spinifex Press, Australia 2003
ISBN 1-876756241 pb

Anything We Love Can Be Saved
Alice Walker

Ballantine Books, New York 1997
225p. $12.95
ISBN 0-345-40796-2 Pb

Maria Mies & Vandana Shiva

Zed Books, London 1993
ISBN 1 85649 156 0 Pb

Dangerous Intersections
Feminist Perspectives on Population, Environment and Development
Jael Silliman and Ynestra King, editors

South End Press, Boston 1999
$20.00 ISBN 0-89608-597-x Pb

Ecofeminism As Politics: nature, Marx and the postmodern
Ariel Salleh

Zed Books March, 1998
ISBN: 1856494004

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