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Medicine Stories
History, Culture, and the Politics of Integrity
By Aurora Levins Morales

South End Press, 1998, 136 pages
ISBN 0-89608-581-3 $14.00


In Medicine Stories, Levins Morales writes lucidly about the complexities of social identity. Her lyrical meditations on ecology, children's liberation, sexuality, and history show how political transformation and personal healing are inextricably bound. Levins Morales is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and was raised as a Jewish "red diaper baby" in the mountains of Puerto Rico.
At the heart of this book is the conviction that our survival depends on crafting a political practice capable of healing all our wounds, from global, macro-economic injustices to the intimate scars of cruelty in our own lives. With essays on Puerto Rican-Jewish relations, English as a Puerto Rican language, and race and the invention of "whiteness."

"[Medicine Stories] opens our eyes to the risks we need to confront in order to do serious feminist history." —Cynthia Enloe

"(Morales) ... asks us to consider the sexual abuse of a woman and child as an act of political violence ... with a rare eloquence and clarity of vision, using her own life as text and road sign in this collection of essays." —Sojourner: The Women's Forum

"Reading Medicine Stories is like walking the first miles of this road with a wise and kind guide. Along the road, Morales shows us tools for thinking about our most painful individual and collective memories, longings, and fears." —La Voz de Esperanza

"Spirituality, integrity, history, liberation, transforming victimhood: these and other concepts are covered in what is a melodic and engaging prose in Medicine Stories." —Works in Progress

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