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Other books of interest

Medicine Stories
History, Culture, and the Politics of Integrity
By Aurora Levins Morales

South End Press, 1998, 136 pages
ISBN 0-89608-581-3 $14.00

Stories of Earth and Iron from the History of Puertorriqueñas

Aurora Levins Morales

South End Press, 2001, 244 pages
ISBN 0-89608-644-5 paper $17

Global AIDS: Myths and Facts
Tools for Fighting the AIDS Pandemic

Alexander Irwin, Joyce Millen, and Dorothy Fallows
Introduction by Paul Farmer, Preface by Zackie Achmat

South End Press, 2003, 296 pages
ISBN 0-89608-673-9 paper $19.00

The Dying of the Trees:
The Pandemic in America's Fores
Charles E. Little



Allergic to the Twentieth Century
Peter Radetsky


Little Brown

creating new cultures in cyberspace
Ed. Wendy Harcourt

Zed Books, New York 1999 240p. ISBN 1 85649 572 8

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