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Globalizing Civil Society
Reclaiming Our Right to Power

David C. Korten

The Open Media Pamphlet Series (Seven Stories Press NYC) 1998
78p. $5.95 ($7.95 Cdn.; £3.99 U.K.) ISBN 1-888363-59-2 Pb

Another in this handy series of little books with big ideas, which the author has distilled from many sources (notes provided) as well as his own longer work "When Corporations Rule the World" (1995). He considers the problems in current ruling institutions, and how civil society is indentifying alternatives to them. From his analysis:

"An essential first step toward giving precedence to the imperatives of the living world is to recognize that our challenge for the third millennium is not to accelerate and sustain economic growth - which is a money-world imperative - but rather to create just, sustainable, and democratic societies that bring the human species into balance with itself and the planet - a living-world imperative."

…"It is significant that roughly 60 percent of the world's people, though they face many hardships, are more or less meeting their basic needs in reasonably sustainable ways. We may refer to them as the world's sustainer class. Unfortunately, from a living-world perspective, the goal of economic policy almost everywhere is to increase the consumption of the overconsumers and turn sustainers into overconsumers."

For more information on David Korton's work, visit The People-Centered Development Forum's web site.

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