The original WLOE logo, women in the phases of the moon, by Bonnie Acker 1980.
Women's Pentagon Action, 1980
Logo of the Women's Pentagon Action

"Women and Life on Earth" 1979-1982

In August 1979, after the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, the worst yet in the United States, 12 women from the northeastern U.S. active in anti-nuclear, alternative energy, peace and women's organizations held a special meeting. They discussed ecological feminism, and the relationship between women and ecology, feminism and non-violence. They decided to work together under the name "Women and Life on Earth" and agreed on a Unity Statement.

The group organized "Women and Life on Earth: a conference on eco-feminism in the '80's." Held at the spring equinox of 1980, it brought together 600 women from the northeastern U.S.

Maria Mies on the 1980 Women and Life on Earth conference and ecofeminism, from her book ground-breaking book with Vandana Shiva: Ecofeminism

From the conference, organizing began for the Women's Pentagon Action. In November 1980, 2,000 women encircled the Pentagon demanding "no more amazing inventions for death." Women and Life on Earth activities continued in the U.S. and Britain for several years.

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Thanks to Bonnie Acker, artist and WLOE Logo designer par excellence, then and now.