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As an addition to our website project work, we are now starting something new: reports, analyses and statements from women activists and experts available in pdf format for easy downloading. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Available on-line now: Satomi Oba, Jean Grossholtz. Both women have been supportive and active members of the Women and Life on Earth international advisory board since 1999. Satomi Oba passed away suddenly in late February 2005, a great loss. See our report: Remembering Satomi Oba

Satomi Oba

Last reports: Satomi Oba

Japan Summer 2004
(pdf format, 7 pages)
In this report Satomi Oba, a long-time anti-nuclear activist with particular concerns for human rights and justice, presents a personal overview of current issues in her native Japan. She discusses nuclear weapons and power, the international campaign to halt the militarization of space, and citizen action for peace.

The Lie of the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy:
Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Plants - Two Sides of the Same Coin

European Trip Report, October 2004 (pdf format, 10 pages)

Jean Grossholtz

The Cotton Campaign (download here, 8 pages)

"The piece gives something of the political history of cotton from wild plant to industrial commodity. It goes without saying that all our work targets the residual effects of European colonization. These in turn are amplified by the current global neo-liberal regime, and its patriarchal capitalist financial institutions - the World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO). In the U.S. and European Union cotton is a small part of economic activity. But in West Africa it is critical."

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