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Teaching Peace
"Teaching Peace has attained an unshakable position as a 'classic among classics'." The 13 great songs, printed lyrics enclosed, are good for young and old(er). The messages are both direct: "One by one, in our work and in our play, we are teaching peace by what we do and what we say," and funny "The world's got salami, the world's got cheese" (from "Hooray for the World").
"Use a Word" urges talking over hitting back: "When someone hurts your pride, And you want to run and hide, Use a Word."

Songs include: Teaching Peace, Places In The World, Say Hi!, I Think You're Wonderful, Rapp Song, Barnyard Boogie, Hooray For The World, With Two Wings, Use A Word, See Me Beautiful, Shake Your Brain and Listen.

Available as CD and cassette. The website below also offers a songbook and teacher's guide.

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The Meatrix

A teenaged friend sent us "The Meatrix" to watch: This new animated short from Free Range Graphics is funny and serious at the same time. Take a look at:

"As its name implies, the Meatrix spoofs the popular Matrix movies. But  instead of Keanu Reaves, the Meatrix stars a young pig, Leo, who lives on a pleasant family farm ... he thinks. Leo is approached by a wise and mysterious cow, Moopheus, who shows Leo the truth about modern farming -- the truth about the Meatrix!

It may be humorous, but the film also brings up an important issue: factory farming. Huge, industrial farms have all but wiped out the family farm in America. Along the way, they are damaging our health, our environment and our communities (not to mention the lives of billions of animals). But the Meatrix isn’t all gloom and doom. In fact, it ends with an upbeat, meaningful way that YOU can help fight the factory farming crisis -- the Eat Well Guide, an online healthy-living resource that allows you to enter your zip code and find nearby family farms that produce organic, safe produce and meat: Supporting family farmers is an effective way for us all to protect the environment, our health and animal rights. The Eat Well Guide makes it easy."

Biodiversity and more: from the fact-filled website of the World Wildlife Fund:

What is Biodiversity? You might not be familiar with the word biodiversity, but biodiversity is all around you, and even on and in you! Read on to find out more about the incredible diversity of living things that share our planet.

Climate change and global warming -- Global Warming - Kids Page

There is lots of good basic information here, like:
What is the difference between "global warming" and "climate change?"

"Global warming" refers to the increase of the Earth's average surface temperature, due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. "Climate change" is a broader term that refers to long-term changes in climate, including average temperature and precipitation.

Learning about water and pollution, a recommended educational resource
EnviroScape® interactive units dramatically demonstrate water pollution -- and its prevention, through use of a hands-on model that demonstrates how different land uses affect water quality. "People of all ages use and enjoy learning with EnviroScape. EnviroScape is in every state in the U.S. and more than a dozen other countries. EnviroScape users include schools; federal, state and local government; community associations; conservation districts; corporations; consultants; universities; nonprofit organizations; nature centers; zoos; youth programs and more." (Recommended by Envirolink)