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Environmental health

  Protecting Public Health & the Environment
Implementing the Precautionary Principle

Carolyn Raffensperger and Joel Tickner, editors

Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 1999 $30.00 ISBN 1-55963-688-2

Carolyn Raffensperger, is a "North Dakota dynamo who powers the Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN), (and) seems to be everywhere at once... SEHN's new book-length anthology will satisfy anyone who wants to know the history of the precautionary principle, where it fits into environmental law, how it has developed in Europe, and how the principle can be applied in many different settings. SEHN's book is deep and rewarding, at once philosophical and factual, a thoroughly satisfying volume. " - Rachel's Environmental Weekly (8 July 1999)

See also: Science and Environmental Health Network's THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE IN ACTION: A HANDBOOK (June 1999).

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