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Food sovereignty

The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge

by Vandana Shiva

148 pages 1997
ISBN 0-89608-555-4 paper $13.00, ISBN 0-89608-556-2 cloth $40.00

Biopiracy is a learned, clear and passionately stated objection to the ways in which Western businesses are being allowed to expropriate natural processes and traditional forms of knowledge.

Praise for Biopiracy:

"Biopiracy is a path-breaking work on one of the most important issues of the coming century." --Jeremy Rikfin

"With her characteristic blend of analysis and passion, Vandana Shiva traces the continuity from the European colonization of 'native' peoples . . . to the present appropriation of the natural resources they need for their physical and cultural survival. An important book that should be read by anyone wanting to understand the global threat posed by the technological transformations of organisms, cells, and molecules and by their exploitation for profit."--Ruth Hubbard

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