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Organic Cotton
From Field to Final Product

Edited by Dorothy Myers and Sue Stolton

Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd. 103-105 Southampton Row,
London WC1B 4HH, UK
272pp. ISBN 1 85339 464 5 Feb. 1999, £ 14.95
, US$ 25, DM 45

Organic agriculture is gaining ground rapidly and organic cotton provides important environmental, economic and social benefits compared with conventioanl cotton production. Commercial organic cotton is a new area of activity -- barely ten years old -- and research and analysis are still at an early stage. This book provides the first overview of organic cotton production, processing and consumption for everyone involved with cotton. The book is organized according to the stages in the 'cotton chain', from farmer to consumer, and covers each topic authoritatively with contributions from more than 50 people in 20 countries.

Dorothy Myers is an International Project Officer for the Organic Cotton Project at the Pesticides Trust.
Sue Stolton is Co-Director of Equilibrium Consultants and has worked within the organic movement for many years, most recently with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (

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