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Food sovereignty

Food sovereignty means having control over the production, amount and quality of our food.
Can genetic engineering provide this? These books provide information -- and answers:

The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
by Vandana Shiva

148 pages 1997
ISBN 0-89608-555-4 paper $13.00, ISBN 0-89608-556-2 cloth $40.00

Against the Grain
Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food
Marc Lappe, PhD and Britt Bailey

Common Courage Press, Monroe, ME 1998
163p. $14.95 ISBN 1-56751-150-3 Pb

Gene Wars
The Politics of Biotechnology

Kristin Dawkins

Seven Stories Press, New York 1997
60p. $4.95 ISBN 1-888363-48-7 Pb

Can we do better, growing food locally for our communities?

Sharing the Harvest
A Guide to Community Supported Agriculture
Elizabeth Henderson with Robyn Van En

Chelsea Green Publishing Company, White River Junction, Vermont 1999
254 p. $24.95 ISBN 1-890132-23-2

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