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Ecological feminism

Water Wars
Privatization, Pollution, and Profit

By Vandana Shiva

158 pages, 2002 ISBN 0-89608-650-X paper $14.00
ISBN 0-89608-651-8 cloth $40.00

In Water Wars, Vandana Shiva uses her remarkable knowledge of science and society to analyze the historical erosion of communal water rights. Examining the international water trade, damming, mining, and aquafarming, Shiva exposes the destruction of the earth and the disenfranchisement of the world's poor as they are stripped of their rights to a precious common good.
In Water Wars, Shiva reveals how many of the most important conflicts of our time, most often camouflaged as ethnic wars or religious wars, such as the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, are in fact conflicts over scarce but vital natural resources.
Shiva celebrates the spiritual and traditional role water has played in communities throughout history, and warns that water privatization threatens cultures and livelihoods worldwide. She calls for a movement to preserve water access for all, and offers a blueprint for global resistance based on examples of successful campaigns like the one in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where citizens fought for and retained their water rights.

"Shiva contributes to the heated debate on the global water crisis.… Shiva argues forcefully that the main causes of water scarcity are not population growth and natural disasters, but greed and wasteful consumption." —Lori Pottinger, World Rivers Review

"Colorful and enlightening.… An excellent starting point for anyone who wants to understand the forces driving water scarcity today and threatening its future supply." —Kerryn Higgs, Women's Review of Books

"A chilling, in-depth examination of the rapidly emerging global crisis." —Kristie Reilly, In These Times

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