Realese Peace

For Clementina,

For Florence, for Hussein

For all the hostages

For the Afghan people

For the Iraqi people

Away war from history

Women in Black Italian Network gathered in the annual meeting on May 28th and 29th ASKS:

Freedom for Clementina Cantoni and  for all the war hostages, for Florence Aubenas and for her translator, Hussein Hanoun Al-Saadi;

Peace and freedom for the Afghan people, for the Iraqi people and for any woman and  man victim of wars;

 We EXPRESS our  solidarity to relatives, to women and men  friends and aid-workers of Care International, the organization working in Kabul to a project in favour of  the thousands Afghan widows, in a country crossed by a war aged more than 25. We ASK  the withdrawal of the Italian troops from any war set.

During this painful waiting we, Women in Black, will silently scream in streets and squares until they will release Clementina, Florence, Hussein, all the hostages, Afghan and Iraqi peoples. Until the war will be throw away from history. Because the war in Afghanistan as in Iraq, as any other war and any terrorism kill human lives and our same humanity.

In order that fire ceases, in order that a permanent and global war, itself producing terrorism, ends, in order that nobody is stolen from life for the weapons’ control madness. 

Bombs kill our hearths and minds,

between killing and dying, we, the  women, choose living.

Italian Women in Black Assembly

             Sasso Marconi May 28th/29th 2005