women and peace

On the 8th of March Palestinian women call for Peace
Bloodshed and destruction do not bring peace.

Mutual recognition of each other's individual and collective rights paves the way for peace making.

We, women at the Jerusalem Center for Women (JCW), call on the Israeli community in general and Women in particular to stand against occupation, oppression, war, apartheid, humiliation and poverty. It is time to raise our voice loud and clear: There has been enough bloodshed. Peace won't be achieved when pregnant Palestinian women are killed at check-points, just as it won't be achieved through military means or a different form of occupation.

Palestinian women call for peace, continued

We believe that true and just peace can be achieved, but only between equals, a Palestinian state (in the territories occupied in 1967) alongside the state of Israel. Only then will both people live in security and dignity. A just and viable settlement is one that endorses the sharing of the whole city of Jerusalem, the dismantling of the settlements, a just solution to the Refugees' question, and the total sovereignty over land including natural resources and borders.

Today, we need one another more than ever before. We have to fight for our children's life and freedom. We have to stand for morality and we have to work for genuine peace and co-existence.

Let us start now with new women's vision and politics based on respect for human rights and mutual trust. There has been enormous suffering, hatred and dehumanization, and all should come to an end. Women have been the most affected, yet the least involved in finding solutions. Together we can break this vicious circle.

March 8, 2002
East Jerusalem, Palestine

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