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On Margaret Hassan
Several women writers were especially moved by the kidnapping and murder of the long-time CARE worker and country director in Iraq.
See Elayne Clift
's piece on our site: In Memory of Margaret Hassan and
Remembering Margaret Hassan
By Lucy Colvin, AlterNet. Posted November 20, 2004.
"The recent murder of humanitarian Margaret Hassan brought home the tragedy of people's lives caught in a crossfire.."

Naomi Klein on Iraq:
You Asked For My Evidence, Mr. Ambassador - here it is
The Guardian, December 4, 2004
Naomi Klein supports her charge that: "In Iraq, US forces and their Iraqi surrogates are no longer bothering to conceal attacks on civilian targets and are openly eliminating anyone - doctors, clerics, journalists - who dares to count the bodies."

Die Now, Vote Later By Naomi Klein
AlterNet. November 10, 2004.
"Fallujans are going to vote, goddammit, even if they all have to die first..."

America's Road to Abu Ghraib
A fifty-year history of torture by the Central Intelligence Agency led straight to the Iraqi prison.
By Alfred W. McCoy September 9, 2004
MotherJones.com News

Marjorie Cohn on U.S. attacks in Najaf
Lawful Resistance to Occupation in Najaf
t r u t h o u t | Perspective 13 August 2004
" Anyone who tunes in to the cable news channels these days would hardly realize our Commander-in-Chief is presiding over a new campaign of aerial terror against the Iraqi people in the holy city of Najaf. In his nightly prayers, George W. Bush should remember those prosecuting Scott Peterson's murder trial, which is wall-to-wall fare on television this week..."
... "Contrary to Bush's claim that his regime change in Iraq has produced a more stable Middle East, his actions have opened a hornet's nest of death and destruction."

April 2004 Stop the Genocide against the People of Falluja City in Iraq: statement from
The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
"The American military troops have proven unprecedented cruelty and barbarism throughout a whole week of aerial bombing on the residences of Falluja city in Mid-western Iraq. This followed a terrorist act administered by some local youth over four American contracters that ended in killing them and dismembering their bodies. The continuous American bombing has killed around 600 Falluja residents with brutality equivalent to that of the Baath regime and the former dictator Saddam Husein. The masters of “Democracy” and “Human Rights” have administered one of the bloodiest mass punishment over the civilians of Falluja City with cruelty unprecedented in modern history. As a result, the torn and shredded dead bodies of children and women filled the streets of the city..."
April 11, 2004: statement at: http://www.equalityiniraq.com/htm/owfi110404.htm

Life and death, and afterwards: on the ground in Iraq
Jo Wilding of Voices in the Wilderness reports on the effects of war on women, children, families

Iraqi Women Under Siege: Unemployment, Violence Rising
by Andrea Buffa, WarTimes, March 2004
"Fearing for the safety of conference participants, the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), canceled a planned symposium following the Aug. 19 bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad that killed 22 people and injured 150 others.

That cancellation symbolizes the fallen hopes of Iraqi women since the U.S. invasion..."


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