women and peace


The Initiative for Inclusive Security (formerly known as Women Waging Peace) advocates for the full participation of all stakeholders, especially women, in peace processes around the world. Of the many sectors of society currently excluded from peace processes, none is larger or more critical to success than women.

Their website offers a variety of information, including:

"Case Studies From Combat to Community: Women and Girls of Sierra Leone"

"Strengthening Governance: The Role of Women in Rwanda's Transition"

Examples of African Women Peace Builders

The International Criminal Court: A Ray of Hope for the Women of Darfur?
"...sexual and gender based violence is one of the biggest violations of women's rights in Darfur, writes Christine Butegwa from Femnet. Hopes are high that the International Criminal Court will be able to change the situation..."
Find other articles of interest on the website Pambazuka News (Pambazuka means arise or awaken in Kiswahili), "a tool for progressive social change in Africa." Also on Dafur: Refugee Voices: Women in Kalma Camp, Darfur (Feb. 2006)

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