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Women and Life on Earth wants to encourage and be part of international cooperation, thus it has been a pleasure to have a joint project with Korea Women's Associations United (KWAU), the largest coalition of progressive women's groups in South Korea.

From October 2005 through June 2006, our English editor in Berlin has worked with a translator and KWAU partner in Seoul, selecting, translating and editing statements from KWAU and the Korean women's movement to share with a world audience.

This project was made possible with the help of the Beautiful Foundation, which supports the culture of giving in Korea. Their many Beautiful Shops sell donated clothes and household items to help people in need. They also make donating easy: people can tell them where to direct their contribution, and see on the Foundation's website how the donation was used.

We are happy to offer these translations on our website and look forward to continued cooperation with our Korean friends.

On the Korean women's movement

"See, think, act!" Korean women work for peace: our report on women peace activists in Korea

Statements from KWAU and the Korean women's movement


Women of South Korea call for a peaceful world and the Korean peninsula free of war
Gyung-Lan Jung from "Women Making Peace" sent us the following statement from the Korean women's movement, July 27, 2006, the 53rd year of the Korean armistice agreement.

On the government's establishment of a task force on the problem of temporary workers in the public sector (
15 May 2006)

On the Appointment of Prime Minister Han (19 April 2006)

Time to move on: Statement of Kim Ki Sun-mi (January 2006)

Press Conference on the Establishment of a Reporting Center for Problems relating to Ova Removal, and a Lawsuit for Compensation
(6 February 2006)

Joint press conference to urge investigation of procurement of ova for Dr. Hwang's cloning research (4 January 2006)

Respect for Ova  (January 2006)

What our society needs (January 2006)

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We welcome the joint statement and demand that the six parties fulfill their promises (20 September 2005)

The Success of Anti-prostitution Laws Lies in People's Will and Participation (21 September 2005)

Jeju province and Governor Woo accept the court's decision and follow the recommendation of the Ministry of Gender, Equality & Family
(16 September 2005)

Our position on the Appeals Court's Decision on the Gunsan fire case (20 July 2005)

World March of Women 2005: for peace and elimination of poverty and violence (4 July 2005)

Stop Sending Troops To Iraq (21 June 2005)

We protest the court's decision on the female teacher case (29 May 2005)

No More Fires in Brothels: the Sex Trade and Neglect of Prostitutes Must Be Stopped Now (4 April 2005)