Report from Cancún

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Statement by Lori M. Wallach, Director, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, November 20, 2003

"...The FTAA is in such a state of crisis that at the Miami Ministerial the U.S. was forced to choose between no FTAA and FTAA-lite. All that was agreed was to scale back the FTAA's scope and punt all of the hard decisions to an undefined future venue so as to not make Miami the Waterloo of FTAA.

Powerful social movements against FTAA in Latin America has made it impossible for those governments to agree to a full NAFTA expansion..."
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Cancún Update from Starhawk, 12 September 2003:

"No army can hold back a thought, No fence can chain the sea… …We have shown that all their police power and weapons and barricades and fear mongering cannot, after all, keep us out, that the voice of a determined people is a force to be reckoned with, that we cannot be left out of their equations or excluded from their deliberations, that there is a power stronger than force or fear….”

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Cancún Dispatch: 13 September: A Rope Twined of Many Strands Can Pull Down a Wall

By Starhawk,

Globalization is happening...

From Woman and Life on Earth co-coordinator and long-time globalization ("from below") activist Jean Grossholtz:

20 August 2003

Globalization is happening; fortunately more rapidly by those opposed to corporate takeover than by the governments and transnational corporations operating across national borders to take control of the economy of the world, from the peasant agriculture in Mexico to the oil resources of Iraq...


Why You Should Come to Cancún, from ecofeminist activist Starhawk

... On the agenda for this ministerial are some of the basic issues of life: food, agriculture, services. To simplify the complexities of tariffs and subsidies and all the rest of it, the vision put forth by the corporate globalizers is like a bad science fiction film. In their version of the world, no country will produce its own food, devote common resources to provide for human needs or the nurturing of the next generation. All food will be grown in large, industrialized farms for export, using chemicals and herbicides on patented, genetically engineered crops that are further packaged, irradiated, branded, and shrink-wrapped before being sold to you at your corner large corporate supermarket. Profit, not health or sustainability, will be the determining factor in agriculture as in every area of human endeavor...