International Advisory Board 2006

Suzanne Brooks (California, USA): CEO, International Association for Women of Color Day and owner, Creative Concepts Systems which includes Jazz West Productions; multi-lingual administrator, teacher, organizer and specialist in civil rights, women's issues--especially in higher education, cross-cultural communication, community economic development, hearing impairment. Vocalist and band leader of The Jazz Generation, writer and hula dancer. She has been active in a variety of university and community service organizations, including the National Institute for Women of Color, Center for Women's Policy Studies, Nevada Women's Fund, Negro Business and Professional Women (Reno), Reno Women's Commission, Business and Professional Women (State College, PA), National Council of Negro Women (Sacramento) and Penn State University Strategic Study on Status of Women. Promoting the worldwide recognition of achievements and contributions of women of color, especially indigenous women, and of women in jazz. For information on Suzanne's music and books:

Ellen Diederich
(Oberhausen, Germany) A peace activist for more than three decades, Ellen Diederich is Director of the German-based International Fasia Jansen Women's Peace Archive, an extensive collection of books, print, audio-visual and artistic resources on women and militarism and women's action for peace, world-wide, collected over 25 years. (German) for fine photos of Ellen and the Peace Archive (IFFA)

Corazon Valdez Fabros (Philippines) A lawyer by profession, Corazon Fabros is Chairperson of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (the Secretariat of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement) and Secretary General of the Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition, which led the successful campaign to stop the nuclear power plant projects in the Philippines and was the campaign center for the rejection and removal of US military bases in the Philippines. Currently on the Asian Peace Alliance steering committee; on the anti-war coalition "Gathering for Peace" as Convenor; with the People's Task Force for Bases Clean Up; and Philippine Coordinator of the No Nukes Asia Forum and the International Network on Military Activities and Environmental Justice.

Ann Heidenreich  (USA) An international networker on environment and development issues for more than 25 years, Ann has worked with organizations based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Nairobi, Kenya; and Montevideo, Uruguay.  She now lives in the hamlet of Pyrites in northern New York State, is Executive Director of Community Energy Services, Inc. and Coordinator of North Country Energy $mart Communities.

Dr. Joyce E. King
Dr. Joyce E. King (Georgia, USA) currently holds the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Urban Teaching, Learning and Leadership and Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Teacher, educator, author, and activist scholar, Joyce King holds a Ph.D. in the Social Foundations of Education and a BA in Sociology (with Honors) from Stanford University.

Agnes Klingshirn (Frankfurt, Germany) Women in Development activist for many years, with a focus on women and energy use in Africa. She has taught development studies at the University of Marburg, Germany for ten years before coordinating a Women and Energy Programme in Kenya for six years. Currently she is a Senior Adviser for a Southern African Development Community (SADC) Environmental programme and a member of several scientific associations.

Iris Morales (NYC, USA) is a community activist, video producer, educator and lawyer with more than thirty years experience organizing around issues affecting people of color in areas such as housing, health, education, media and the struggle to free Puerto Rico. Currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the North Star Fund, dedicated to supporting the work of community activists and progressive people in New York City.

We mourn the loss of Satomi Oba, February 2005   (Hiroshima, Japan) A long-time anti-nuclear activist with particular concerns for human rights and justice, Satomi Oba was Director of Plutonium Action Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. She was a regional activist involved with “Abolition 2000” and other regional and international coalitions and efforts – and also an English teacher.

Christina Rawley  (Washington, DC USA)  has over 30  years experience working on gender and development issues in Africa, Asia and the Middle East with focus on ecological development that includes women's economic, educational and legal rights and welfare. She is part of GroundWork, a collective of women working on participatory research and implementation across sectors including environment, civil society, legal rights, education, and institutional development. Cofounder Women and Life on Earth 1979.

Ariel Salleh (Australia) was a founding member of the Greens in Sydney, Australia in 1985 and is a long time activist in biodiversity conservation and water politics. An Associate Professor of Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney, she serves on the Australian Federal Government's Gene Technology Ethics Committee and Environment & Society Research Committee of the International Sociological Association. She is currently on a fellowship at the Women's Studies Research Center, Amherst, USA. Salleh is author of "Ecofeminism as Politics: nature, Marx and the postmodern" (London: Zed Books, & New York: St Martins, 1997) and many journal articles bringing a critical gender lens to mainstream eco-political thought. See also "ecofeminists at work" -

Amy Smythe
(Sierra Leone, West Africa) Senior Gender Adviser with MONUC, the UN Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo. She formerly served as an independent consultant for gender, development, and education at the Sierra Leone branch of Search for Common Ground, a conflict resolution and prevention NGO. She was the first Minister of Gender  and Children's  Affairs  in Sierra Leone when Democratic rule was restored in 1996.

Jean Grossholtz (USA) Professor emeritus at the Dept. of Women’s Studies,  Mt. Holyoke College, Jean helped organize the Women's Pentagon Action (1980-82) and has long been active in peace and social justice work.  She is also part of local, regional, and international networks for food security and globalization issues, and a founding member of Diverse Women for Diversity. Women & Life on Earth Network coordinator

Anna Gyorgy  (US citizen living in Germany) was an author/activist in the safe energy/anti-nuclear movement 1975-1982, and a co-founder of Women and Life on Earth in 1979.  Since 1985 she has lived in Ireland, Germany, South Korea and West Africa, and  written, edited and organized  with special interest in ecology and international connections. Currently living in Berlin. Women & Life on Earth Network coordinator