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ARCHIVE 2000/2001

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The People's Caravan 2000 -
"Citizen's on the Move for Land and Food Without Poisons" in India, Bangladesh, the Philippines

One year after massive protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and its brand of globalisation-the People's Caravan 2000 ended three weeks of activities in India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, with simultaneous events in Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

With speakers, information and personal testimony on the theme, "Citizen's on the Move for Land and Food Without Poisons!", the People's Caravan traveled over 2 500 kilometers through Tamil Nadu, India (November 13-18), Bangladesh (November 18-24) and within Manila, the Philippines (November 25-30). The caravan called for an end to the devastating effects from the globalisation of agriculture and instead advocated genuine agrarian reform, food sovereignty, social justice and land and food without poisons.

The People's Caravan, while highlighting these issues, was also about hope. It was about celebrating local initiatives towards more sustainable healthy agriculture that is in the hands of the people, that is for the people, that can really feed our people and free them from dependence on hazardous pesticides and other dangerous agricultural inputs and technologies.

Over 10 000 people-local farmers, agricultural workers, fisherfolk, students, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, the media, government officials, policy makers, and anti-pesticide and anti-genetic engineering advocates-participated in lively discussion at public meetings, press conferences and educational 'teach-in's at bus stops, in rice fields, in villages and towns. Food festivals, seed exchanges, songs and street theatre celebrated our local initiatives towards more sustainable, healthy agriculture.

(source: Summary of Events, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), January 2001)

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For more information and the full reports of the Caravan see:
Webpage: www.poptel.org.uk/panap/caravan.htm

The People's Caravan rallies in front of the United States Embassy to commemorate "One Year Since Seattle". Photo by S. Hindmarsh, PAN AP.

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