taking action

Critical connections to make and actions to take

"An Attorney General cannot ignore the laws of our land."
- Jill Savitt; EndTortureNow.org

Urge Your Senators to Oppose Gonzales
"In the positions he took as White House Counsel, Mr. Gonzales set the stage for the abuse that happened at Abu Ghraib and other U.S. military prisons around the world. Alberto Gonzales was the architect of the legal strategy that led President Bush to order that the Geneva Conventions should not be applied to the conflict in Afghanistan"... at the link above, to the 'Human Rights first campaign,' you can send a message to your senator, opposing the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales for US Attorney General.

From Women and Life on Earth advisor Iris Morales:"I have joined with a group of colleagues to comment on the Alberto Gonzales nomination. As you know, last year several national Latino organizations announced support for him based on his Latino heritage. Many of us are outraged that Gonzalesí anti-human rights record is being downplayed in Latin@ communities. We believe that it is important that, as Latin@s, we mobilize to express our opposition to his record. We are trying to get as many people as possible to sign the statement and encourage you to circulate it widely to your friends and family. Please go to www.NewPoder.org"

Jenny S. Martinez, an Assistant Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and former law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, also announced her opposition. "We should not forget that Latinos' history in the U.S. shows the importance of fighting to ensure the rule of law is respected and honored," said Martinez. "Already, harsh immigration laws enacted as anti-terrorism measures are being used against vulnerable immigrant communities with no connection to terrorism at all."