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For photos of the demonstrations in Bil'in, see: Bil'in: A Struggle in Pictures by Jon Elmer

Request for a letter campaign, from Women in Black

For over 9 months now, every single Friday, we, the people of Bil'in, have been demonstrating NON-VIOLENTLY, against the separation barrier which confiscates our lands for the sake of building and expanding the settlements.

The village citizens have experienced a constant chain of collective punishments and arrests by the army, confiscation of 2300 Dunams - more than half of our lands,  and 350 people have been wounded. Furthermore,  the village has been subjected to closure - mainly on Fridays - in order to prevent the arrival of Israeli activists, International ones, and media reporters.

In our non-violent demonstrations (together with Israeli and International activists), the army has "planted"special undercover units disguised as Palestinians (mista'arvim) acting to transform the nonviolent demonstrations to violent ones by throwing stones at the soldiers.

Army forces invade the village at all hours of thenight and make arrests. In the past few days, 15 youths were arrested for the "crime" of having participated in the weekly demonstrations.

We ask you, and every humanist who wants to express solidarity and protest against injustice and suppression, to take our side in the struggle in Bil'in, and  participate in the weekly march this Friday 
and on following Fridays. We appeal to those who cannot actually be there themselves, to support our struggle through a letter campaign. 

Sample letter:

To the Minister of....,

Dear Sir,

The people of Bil'in, as in other villages, have been trying to change the nature of the struggle that is taking place between your peoples, moving from violence to the ways of non-violence. Now I hear that the Israeli army has been sending provocateurs to participate in the protest demonstrations of the Bil'in villagers and their supporters, in order to turn these non-violent protests into violent incidents. In addition, I've learned that the army has been entering the village at night and arresting youngsters for participating in demonstrations against the confiscation of their land. Am I to understand from this that you prefer violence?!

Furthermore, I have learned that the route of the Separation Barrier has been planned so that you will be able to expropriate the land on its west side for the sake of building settlements (Modi'in Illit). For this purpose you have been using "security" arguments. All of this is being  done in flagrant violation of international law, as established by the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Consequently you have been sending your soldiers to perform land theft. There is no justification for this!

I appeal to you:

*To follow the UN resolutions against building the Separation Barrier upon occupied Palestinian territory,

*to follow international law,

*to cease the attacks on Bil'in ' 

*to free the prisoners,

*and to put an immediate end to violent provocation.

The Popular Committee of the Village of Bil’in, Palestine 

 The Popular Committees Against the Wall and the Settlements, Palestine

The Coalition Against The Wall, Israel

--Phone, fax, or email your representatives directly. If you are a U.S. Resident or citizen, find your representative's contact information at www.senate.gov and www.house.gov. If you have the ability, one fax is generally worth about ten emails.

--If you live in Britain, you will need to contact your constituency MP. You can also book an appointment to see your Member of Parliament (MP) in person at their surgery. If you are unsure who your MP is, you can find out by phoning your local library or by visiting the following website:

--To help us gauge the response, please send a cc of your messages to lucia@icahd.org.  

- Please also contact Israeli policy makers:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Fax: -972-2-6513955, e.mail: pm_eng@it.gov.il

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Silvan Shalom, fax: 972-2-5303704, e.mail: sar@mofa.gov.il

Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz, fax: 972-3-6976218, e.mail: sar@mod.gov.il

Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni, fax: 972-2-6287757, e.mail: sar@justice.gov.il (may bounce);



Minister of Internal Security, Gideon Ezra, fax: 972-2-5811551, e.mail: sar@mops.gov.il

Ministery of Construction and Housing, fax: 972-2-5847688, e.mail: sar@moch.gov.il

1. American Consulate, Jerusalem, jerusalemacs@state.gov, Fax:
+972-(0)2- 627-7230

2. European Union, Jerusalem, Email
mailto@delwbg.cec.eu.int, Fax: +
972- (0)2-532 6249

Thank you for your help!


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