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Request for a letter campaign, from Women in Black in support of the Palestinian village of Bil'in

Take action on the West African Food Crisis

From Oxfam, August 25, 2005: "More than 3.5 million people face a catastrophic food shortage in Niger, the second-poorest country in the world. Insufficient rain and locust infestations, combined with high food prices, have exacerbated already chronic needs. Hunger haunts millions more across other West African countries, including Mali, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso. The crisis has forced some families to scavenge for whatever they can find to eat—leaves, roots, and wild berries."
For more information on the West African Food Crisis, and to donate on-line, click here

August: Postcards for Cindy:
Vermont Poet for Peace David Budbill says, "We are going to begin sending postcards daily to Cindy Sheehan with notes of support. The goal is to have thousands of postcards arrive daily. Spread the word. Tell a friend, tell 10 friends and send a postcard today." Send post cards to: Cindy Sheehan, Crawford Peace House, 9142 East 5th Street Crawford, TX 76638-3037, USA

August 6-9: Days of Remembrance and Action, 1945-2005
US CORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS SITES ACTIONS California, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee
Join with people at four central US nuclear weapons sites in major actions calling for an end to the development and production of nuclear warheads. Activities will recognize the devastation caused by nuclear weapons and memorialize the many victims of bomb production at every step - from uranium mining to design, to production, to testing and use. Join the global majority to say NO! to militarism, war and oppression, and YES! to nonviolence, justice and a more secure world for all.
August 6 and 9 National Days of Remembrance and Action are coordinated by: Abolition Now!, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Nevada Desert Experience, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Pax Christi New Mexico, Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Tri-Valley CAREs, United for Peace and Justice, and Western States Legal Foundation.
see Abolition Now
Calendar of Hiroshima & Nagasaki 60th Anniversary Events

Alert from the National Organization for Women NOW: Save the Court ... Save Women's Lives!
Contact Your Senators About the Next Supreme Court Justice Women's lives are at stake. Tell your Senators to oppose any Supreme Court nominee who would threaten women's rights and civil liberties. See also Elayne Clift: Saving the Supreme Court

July 2-6, the Group of Eight (G-8) wealthy nations will meet in Scotland. International debt will be on the table.
Africa Action, the oldest organization in the U.S. working on African affairs urges all "to take action that could make the difference between achieving 100% cancellation of the debts of impoverished nations to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank or watching as these world leaders shirk their responsibility to cancel the debt of African nations."
See their alert
Our resources on the debt issue

This Fourth of July, while President Bush and his cronies are out reveling at patriotic parades and fireworks while ignoring the global impact of their "shock and awe" policies, we the people won't be blinded by the dazzling lights of cheap firecrackers and White House photo-ops...
Show your patriotism by observing the 4th in the spirit of our founding mothers and fathers; by standing up to tyranny. After all America was born out of rejecting an unjust government… This time let’s get it right and truly demand liberty and justice for all; not just white men avoiding taxes. It’s our responsibility to demand that our government recognizes the rights of the prisoners being held at Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay and treat them within the confines of international law. The torture must stop now!
eas on how to celebrate.

From Starhawk, actions around the G8 Summit: Cre8 Summit June 12-17
Cre8 Summit has been organised by individuals wanting to protest 'for' something rather than 'against' the G8. We are planning to work with the ongoing community protests against the building of the M74 in Glasgow, in particular the council estates of Govanhill and Gorbles. The plan for the work is to reclaim a vacant piece of land that is on site for the construction of the motorway, and than to turn it into a community social space with gardens, sculptures, benches, artwork, etc. The work on this project is underway. During May we will be running weekly workshops with the communities. During the second week of June, we will reclaim the land (community open day 12th of June) and begin a week of work (from the13-17th of June) to turn this bit of waste land into something the community can enjoy.

There is an email list that announces news on this project: cre8summit@lists.riseup.net you can subscribe here: htt://lists.riseup.net/www/info/cre8summit

March 19th - Worldwide Day of Action
March 19-20 marks the two-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq. After all of the death and destruction and with the Bush administration claiming a mandate to continue their war, there's a new urgency and a stronger determination within the global antiwar movement to bring the troops home now. CODEPINK will organize vigils, rallies, marches and nonviolent civil disobedience throughout the country to call an end to the needless suffering, devastation, and loss of life. Help us let the Bush administration know loud and clear the world’s mandate has been and continues to be one of peace.

No more $$$ for War! polls in the U.S. show that a solid majority of Americans—59%— think the troops should come home. Yet last week, in a vote of 388 to 43, the House of Representatives approved $81.4 billion to continue funding the war. The Senate will vote on Iraq war money on April 6.
See what CodePink suggests you can do to take action.

Two critical but easy-to-do actions are needed this week starting Monday April 11, 8 A.M. EST. Please call the Capital switchboard at 202-224-3121 and urge your Senator to vote NO! on TWO important issues:
1) Bush's nomination of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN
2) Vote "Not one more dime for war and occupation"

WLOE Alert read: Canada has its own Terminator (sterile seed technology) ready to go and is pushing it right now on the world . . . if interested please forward this as widely as possible . . . and if you have a few seconds and want to send a form letter of protest to the Canadian PM, you can find it ready to go at: http://www.thecampaign.org/alert_terminator.php

Follow-up: allafrica.com reports in Ban Endures On Terminator Seeds
that: "an international moratorium on the use of controversial "terminator technology" in genetically engineered crops survived efforts to overturn it at a United Nations interim meeting on the Convention on Biological Diversity in Bangkok Friday."
Good news -- maybe all your e-mail protests helped!

Stop the world and change it - on International Women's Day, 8 March

From the Global Women's Strike:

"Why go on Strike? Women & girls do 2/3 of the world's work, most of it unwaged. $1 trillion a year is spent on the military worldwide, more than half by the US. 10% of this would provide the essentials of life for all: water, sanitation, basic health, nutrition, literacy, and a minimum income...

6th Global Women's Strike – End Poverty and War – Invest in Caring Not Killing! A Living Wage for All our Work & Pay Equity in the Global Market

"An Attorney General cannot ignore the laws of our land."
On the nomination of Alberto Gonzales for US Attorney General

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday 2005

Remembering Shirley Chisholm, 1924-2005

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