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Mina Hamilton 2017

Fukushima on my Mind

On the 6th anniversary of the catastrophe's start:

"For the past several years I've averted my eyes from Fukushima.  (Who doesn't want to make it disappear?)  Then, as the sixth anniversary loomed, I wondered, what could one possibly say?  Hadn't it all been said?
I pondered - and then made a shocking discovery: In my mind's eye I'd temporarily misplaced Fukushima. 
In fact, I'd moved it!" ...   read article

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Mina Hamilton 2016

Michael T. Flynn: No Congressional Scrutiny Necessary?
by Mina Hamilton / November 22nd, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s appointees get nuttier and scarier by the second.  Meet Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn – the new National Security Advisor.  Unlike other positions in the new administration, such as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State, Flynn will not be vetted by the US Senate.

Even with a Republican-controlled Congress Flynn probably would have been nixed by the Senate in January, 2017.  Why?

First, he’s a hyper-rabid Islamaphobe.  In his recent book, Flight of Fight: How We Can Win the War Against Islam, Flynn describes ISIS as “dead set on taking us over and drinking our blood.more

Keep Your Eyes on Pence
by Mina Hamilton / November 14th, 2016

Two days after the election, the New York Times ran a feel-good editorial.  It was called “Being American in the Trump Years.”  The basic message?  Let’s bury our hatchets, all work together and assure a peaceful transfer of power.  Hey, it’s a democracy.  Way down in the text were the words: “Trump owes nothing to the traditional powers in his party — not the Koch brothers, not the leadership in Congress.”

Really?  Trump owes nothing to the Koch brothers?  That’s a statement the veracity of which can’t be tested – unless Donald releases his tax returns (which, of course, is not going to happen).  The assertion also rests on the words of Charles and David Koch and those of Donald Trump.  Not words one can necessarily trust. more

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