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Joan Baxter

Joan Baxter is a Canadian journalist, award-winning author, development consultant, and anthropologist who has lived and worked in Africa for 30 years, reporting for the BBC and other international media and doing research on sustainable natural resource management, agriculture, mining and extractive industries, with an eye to the geo-political and economic drivers that shape our world. In June 2011 a series of reports she co-researched and wrote on land-grabs in Africa were published by the Oakland Institute. The Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa reports reveal that largely unregulated land purchases are resulting in virtually none of the promised benefits for native populations, but instead are forcing millions of small farmers off ancestral lands and small, local food farms in order to make room for export commodities, including biofuels and cut flowers.

Joan Baxter's book A Serious Pair of Shoes – an African Journal (2000), won the Evelyn Richardson Award for non-fiction at the 2001 Atlantic Writing Awards.

Her most recent book:
Dust from our Eyes: An unblinkered look at Africa (second edition 2010) was a finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. It has been reissued by Pambazuka Press.  "Through the voices of the peoples of Africa and the global South,and Pambazuka News disseminate analysis and debate on the struggle for freedom and justice."

See her 6.45 minute interview about the book here.

Dust from our Eyes:
An Unblinkered Look at Africa

By Joan Baxter

In her first contribution to our site, The non-visionary war on hardwoods, in September 2004, Joan commented on local use of the herbicide glyphosate, a Monsanto product also known as Roundup.

See some of her most recent reporting here: