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Donella Meadows (1941-2001)


Dr. Donella H. (Dana) Meadows founded the Sustainability Institute, was a biologist, professor at Dartmouth College, long-time organic farmer, a journalist and systems analyst. She was honored both as a Pew Scholar in Conservation and Environment and as a MacArthur Fellow. She authored nine books and for 16 years wrote a weekly column called "The Global Citizen," commenting on world events from a systems point of view.

In 2000 we asked Dr. Meadows if Women and Life on Earth could post or link to her columns. We were just starting our website, she didn't know us at all, but she agreed immediately. One of our first pages had her critique of Earth Day 2000: Earth Day Plus Thirty, As Seen By The Earth

Her untimely passing was a great loss. Offering a guide to Donella Meadow's important work on our website is a belated thank you to an important voice, stilled too soon.

See a biography and archival materials.

See an archive of her "Global Citizen" columns.

Her topics ranged widely, from ecology to war and peace to a variety of international concerns.

From her writings on war and peace:

..."We didn't learn from Hitler; maybe we can learn from Milosevic. Genocide announces itself in advance. That is the time to intervene, when government-sponsored hate-talk starts, not after millions of people are homeless or dead..."
quoted from: Why Kosovo is a Battleground Again (1 April 1999, emphasis added)