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Women's Pentagon Action

Women and Life on Earth logos, 1980 and 2000

When we needed a logo for the new internet project it was a natural reaction to ask our friend and political artist extraordinaire, Bonnie Acker, for something appropriate. Back in 1980 Bonnie developed both the WLOE logo, women in the phases of the moon, and later the related Women's Pentagon Action symbol (at right).

In 2000, as the new WLOE internet project and website were taking form, we 'found' Bonnie and asked her to contribute new logos for the site, with an international flair. Here are a few of her works, which define the major sections of our website:

In November 2005, WLOE internet project coordinator Anna Gyorgy visited Bonnie in Burlington, Vermont. The two had not met for twenty years. Anna took this photo of the artist-food educator shortly after arrival, in the food cooperative where Bonnie has long been an active member and gardener, planting and tending to the beautiful flower beds by the store.

In November, 2013, Bonnie Acker was proclaimed a 'Burlington Community Treasure'. The artist, gardener and activist was fêted on 'Bonnie Acker Day.'
(Download the 1-pg. Proclamation here, 759kb.)

For more on Bonnie and her work, see:


Update 2016: here's the latest from Bonnie, part of an important land trust story. From Eyes on the Land:


"I am a lifelong artist and activist who has lived in Burlington, Vermont for nearly thirty years. I paint landscapes for Vermont galleries, create illustrations for nonprofit organizations, organize cooperative art-adventures, help with community-based flower-gardens, and coordinate farm to school workshops.

I love the variety of lively tools in my life—paintbrushes and scissors, shovels and spoons—which bring people together in hopeful ways!"...

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