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Who profits from Israel's occupation of Palestine?
The website Who Profits? identifies Israeli and international corporations directly involved in the occupation: in the construction of Israeli colonies and infrastructure in the occupied territories; in the settlements’ economy; in building walls and checkpoints; in the supply of specific equipment used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation.
The database is part of an on-going grassroots investigation by The Coalition of Women for Peace. The Coalition is "dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights and reaching a just peace in Israel/ Palestine. In exposing companies and corporations involved in the occupation, we hope to promote a change in public opinion and corporate policies, leading to an end to the occupation."
"Boycott from within" movement: 
Palestinian call for BDS:


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ARCHIVE: 2008 

Vice President of the European Parliament
Soon International forces to protect the Palestinian population
What is happening in Hebron is not an episodic case: years of complicity, backing, connivance by the different governments succeeded at the Head of the State of Israel -that carried on a colonial policy against International Legality- are behind the tragic facts and the violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers in the last week in Hebron an other towns, where they were attacking Palestinians, uprooting trees, burning homes and mosques; a violence that since many years affects daily life of Palestinian civil population in the entire occupied Territory.

The case of the 'House of Contention' is only the last episode of the reports describing daily life in Hebron, a ghost city where 120,000 Palestinian people live as hostages because of the presence of 500 or 600 Israeli settlers protected by thousands of soldiers and paramilitary forces, and where everyday there are provocations, aggressions and racist slogans like "Death to the Arabs". More than 800 Palestinian shops were forced to close because of settlers attacks: over these closed shops settlers designed the star of David as a sign of conquest.

The violence by Israeli settlers of Hebron, supported by settlers coming from the entire region, started after and in retaliation against the Israeli High Court's decision to evacuate a Palestinian house arbitrarily occupied by a group of 13 Israeli families. The eviction took place yesterday through the use of 600 Israeli policemen and after the personal and direct involvement of the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, with clashes, incidents and wounding.

"In this case, the Israeli Government was able to find hard words and concrete acts against settlers who continue, despite of all, with their aggressions and devastations against Palestinians: we saw these settlers in photos portraying them launching stones or even shooting, many of them very very young but already blinded by a violence and an extremism that frightens, that burns, destroys and torments the Palestinian population to push them to leave Hebron, Nablus, Jerusalem, Tulkarem and other cities in the occupied West Bank. But they represents also a risk for Israel since they are becoming more and more aggressive and violent. The Israeli government should blame itself because it is known that 'the Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters'.

We are wondering why the same hardness and determination by Defence Minister Barak or by Foreign Affairs Livni or by the outgoing PM Olmert, didn't arrive before, evacuating and freezing all illegal settlements; why they didn't understand before and prevented the danger that these settlers represent also for the State of Israel.

The reality is that despite of all promises of peace, since Annapolis, the Israeli settlements increased, as well as illegal settlements increased also in East Jerusalem, as well as it continues the construction of the wall that steels Palestinian lands, that uproots the trees, that prevent the freedom of movement, that humiliates and denies a possible future for Palestinians today, after 60 years of Nakbah and more than 40 years of military occupation. Now, I really would not like to see what happened after that Baruch Goldstein made the massacre inside the Abraham Mosque: more settlers and more soldiers to defend their illegal occupation of the old city and the expansion of Kyriat Arba settlement.

Of course the responsibility lies also on the International Community and the Quartet who didn't do anything to stop these persecutions. They cannot say, they did not know.

Every week the TIPH, a civilian observer mission in Hebron monitoring human rights law and illegalities, send reports to the Member States on the increasing violence perpetrated, over the years, by the Israeli settlers. But nothing has been done.

And so I agree with Hatem Abdul Qader, Advisor to PM Salam Fayyad, who lamenting about our silence concerning these days' facts in Hebron and questioning himself about the EU role, asked "If the Europeans feel helpless to even issue a condemnation statement, how can we expect them to contribute to the solving of the conflict?" I call on the UN, on the Quartet, on whoever care about justice and peace: stop the settlers and the settlement, send international forces to protect the Palestinian population.  


Bat Shalom statement about the recent crisis in Gaza
published in Haaretz on 20/6/07
"At this time of a humanitarian disaster which has followed the turmoil in the Gaza Strip, we, women of the Bat Shalom Movement, call upon the government of Israel to recognize its part in the creation of the crisis in the Gaza Strip. The serious crisis is the direct result of the Israeli unilateral disengagement in August, 2005, and the ceaseless blockade of the Gaza Strip.

"We demand that the government of Israel refrain from any military action in the Gaza Strip. Such an action would condemn both Israelis and Palestinians to further disaster..." more

On 15 May 2007, 22 Black American professors, writers, religious figures, and other leaders issued a call to Black America to join in the June 10 March and rally, and break the silence on the injustices faced by the Palestinian people:

"To Black America:
It is time for our people to once again demand that the silence be broken on the injustices faced by the Palestinian people resulting from the Israeli occupation.
On June 10th, the national coalition known as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will be spearheading a march and rally to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories..."
Read letter here, sign on


The War on Lebanon enters the fifth week: „We want only one thing: Peace“
German freelance journalist Karin Leukefeld left Bonn this month and was able to reach Beirut, where she sent this report, published in German in “Neues Deutschland” on 10 August 2006 (original at link):
We thank her for her courage and continuing coverage of the region.

Luisa Morgantini: The Assault on Jericho Prison is a Scandal: Israel Must Immediately Halt the Maelstrom of Violence
Press Release from the Member of the European Parliament, one of 1000 Peace Women 2005, 14 March 2006

Evolution of the Palestinian Feminist Movement
Transcript of Remarks by Ghada Hashem Talhami
10 March 2006.

"At a recent Palestine Center briefing, Dr. Ghada Hashem Talhami addressed the political status of women in Palestine and the dynamic between their identity as women and the broader nationalist struggle against occupation. Speaking in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), Talhami argued that Palestinian feminism can only be understood within the context of the Palestinian national struggle. Talhami is the author of several books, including Palestinian Refugees: Pawns to Political Actors (Nova Science Publishers, 2003); Syria and the Palestinians: The Clash of Nationalisms (University Press of Florida, 2001); and The Mobilization of Muslim Women in Egypt (University Press of Florida, 1996)."

Israeli journalist Amira Hass reports on the difficult reality of border crossings in Jerusalem
Forbidden to Go Home Together, Separate and Unequal
February 23, 2006,

" R. had a work meeting in Ramallah. She planned to return home, to East Jerusalem, with M., her partner, who works in Ramallah. They reached the Hizma checkpoint, east of the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement, where there is a permanent Israel Defense Forces post that checks all travelers heading to Jerusalem. You are forbidden to take this route, said the soldiers. Only your husband is allowed. Take the Qalandiyah checkpoint route..."

Israeli peace activist and writer Gila Svirsky reports from Jerusalem

Hamas and Us, Gila Svirsky's analysis of the Palestinian election. 1 February 2006
See also: Enter Hamas: The Challenges of Political Integration Middle East Report N°49 18 January 2006
"The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with over 110 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict."


Women in Black Participants Join Palestinian Women in Solidarity Against the Israeli Occupation.
Report with photos from Feminist International Radio Endeavour/FIRE, Ramallah, August 15, 2005

Amnesty International report: Israel/Occupied Territories: Women carry the burden of conflict, occupation and patriarchy
" Palestinian women in the Occupied Territories bear the brunt of the conflict. They are victims of multiple violations resulting from Israel's policies and restrictions, and of a system of norms, traditions and laws which treat women as unequal members of Palestinian society..." Read full report

The Wall: A huge wall is going up between Palestinians and Israelis, and between Palestinians and their land and communities. See our reports on what it is and why, plus voices and actions of women on both sides.

WLOE Reports from Israel and Palestine